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October 2017
Meet The Mystim Cluster Buster!
Mystim launches revolutionary, remote controlled electrosex power box
Cluster Buster Composing

Cluster Buster, the new Mystim power box

Alzenau, October 2017. Mystim, the German electrostimulation expert introduces its latest electro stimulation power box, the Mystim Cluster Buster. The unit consist of one remote control and a receiver which can be controlled completely wireless.

The Mystim Cluster Buster starter set comes in a stylish storage box and consists of one remote, one receiver, a charger, a bi-polar electrode and a manual.

The unit comes with one receiver; however, the remote can control an unlimited amount of receivers, the “Sultry Subs”. That means one can play with an unlimited amount of toys. The unit has a total of 8 completely independent channels, i.e. that all toys can be organized in 8 groups, each group following its own program and intensity.

All Mystim toys, like our penis- and testicle loops, dildos, butt plugs and corona toys are compatible with the Sultry Subs and can from now on be operated via remote control.

The Cluster Buster features 12 electrostimulation programs for intense handsfree orgasms and 5 muscle stimulation programs which are perfect for an extremely effective pelvic floor training.

The well-aranged display and the buttons are backlit which makes the Cluster Buster the ideal toy even in darker rooms.

Another special feature? The new “Shock Button”. Once this button is pushed, the unit emits its maximum strength until the button is being released again.

Both, remote and receiver are operated by a strong lithium-ion battery guaranteeing a standby time of up to 12 months. The fitting charger is of course already included in the starter set.

The Cluster Buster will be launched in January, and the demand is already high. If you want to make sure you are among the first customers to be delivered, we highly recommend placing a pre-order.


October 10, 2013
Vitamine V – the world’s first Elektrosex Vibrators
Mystims E-Stim Vibes

Mystim's Vitamine V: the E--Stim Vibes

Mystims Vibrators

Mystim's Vitamine V: the Vibrators

Mömbris, October 2013. Vibrating electrosex, electrifying vibrators – this vision just became real: At Erofame 2013, Mystim launches Vitamine V, their brand new collection of vibrators that not only feature double vibration but also offer five different completely integrated electrical stimulation programmes.

Electric Eric, Sizzling Simon and Tickling Truman – each one of Mystim’s new “Men in Black” comes with ample means to provide vibrating voluptuousness, electrifying excitement or magical moments of both functions combined. Mystim’s introduction of conductive silicone last year, which caused quite a stir on the market, was also what made this cutting-edge innovation possible.

With the Vitamine V Collection, the German cutting-edge electrosex manufacturer also opens the door to a new segment in the electrosex market that specifically intends to introduce electrical stimulation into mainstream sexuality: Branding the new E-Stim Vibes not as electrosex toys but as vibrators with extra functions actively lowers the inhibition threshold for playing with e-stim and aims to significantly increase the potential buyers base for electrosex toys in general. All those who remain sceptic towards electrosex, however, may feel just as comfortable with the Vitamine V Collection – these three models and three additional designs are also available completely e-stim-free as traditional vibrators, if in not quite so traditional colours.

Sexy black tingles and vibes

Tickling Truman & Co’s five e-stim programmes can be set to 10 different levels of intensity and function entirely cable-free: The elextrosex function is built into the smooth black silicone bodies – no separate e-stim device is necessary. The vibes‘ two extra strong vibration motors work extremely quietly in eight massage programmes and five different strength settings. With the controls of both functions completely independent of each other, they cater to any and all preferences when combined. As a special addition, these three all stars are fitted with a third programme that is designed to effectively train and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles – something that measurably increases the ladies’ ability to reach an orgasm. Varying preferences are also taken into account when it comes to the vibes’ shape: While Elegant Eric features a classical and slightly curved design, Sizzling Simon teases with soft waves in his profile and for those who prefer their toys realistic, Tickling Truman’s form follows the anatomy.

Vibrating variety in lusty lime and teal temptation

The non-e-stim segment of the Vitamine V Collection also features two extra strong and extra silent vibration motors that play together in eight programmes and five intensities to drive their owners to ecstasy. Six different designs in three fresh and bright colours each promise to hold a favourite model for any taste: Elegant Eric, Sassy Simon and Terrific Truman are shaped just like their namesakes under the E-Stim Vibes, but their three playmates each offer an additional stimulation specialty: Danny Divido’s extra finger comes to rest exactly on the clitoris or perineum and Al Punto and his curvy tip get right down to the point: to the G-Point, that is. And then there is Bon Aparte who is truly aptly named: His shaft is split in two, letting him reach both G- and P-point simultaneously and inviting to dream up all kinds of fun. Each of the six models comes in the colours “naughty pink”, “deep purple” and a third colour that is unique to each single design.

Facts, facts, facts

The entire Vitamine V Collection is manufactured in the excellent quality and design that sets Mystim’s product range apart. All toys are shaped both aesthetically and ergonomically and offer a simple and intuitive control panel with LED-lit elevated buttons that are easy to find even in darkness or under cover(s). Powered by a long-life lithium-ion battery which is recharged magnetically via Mystim magnet charge, the vibrators have no holes, caps or covers for plugs or anything else. This, and the fact that the platinum silicone casing is fitted seamlessly to the grip and control panel, means that the entire Vitamine V Collection is 100% watertight. So much so that the vibrators can even come along into the bathtub. Simon, Eric & Co are presented in style in an elegant and discreet hardcover zipper box that also contains a detailed manual in seven languages, the Mystim magnet charge cable with USB connector, and a test satchel of lubricant.

August 30, 2013
Pubic Enemy No 1
The electrosex cock cage
Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1

Mystim's Pubic Enemy No 1

Mömbris, August 2013. With the Pubic Enemy No 1, Mystim releases their first ever cock cage with electrosex function, strengthening their leading role in the field of e-stim development.

The fall of 2013 will see one product launch at Mystim chasing the next, with more than one senstation to come. The honour of the kick-off goes to one of these: Mystim’s brand new chastity set with conductive capability Pubic Enemy No 1 closes a gaping hole in the entire electrosex toy range of the continuously growing market.

The Pubic Enemy No 1 features the excellent manufacture and the elegant and minimalist design that sets Mystim’s product lines apart. He consists of a black clasp and a transparent cage with a silver crest on the back of its shaft. Inside the cage, two conductive planes account for the e-stim functionality; the planes can, however, be readily removed and re-placed for easy maintenance. Via spacers, the length can be regulated in four steps to insure that the chastity cage will certainly fit any man’s member. The build is designed for hassle-free handling: With few intuitive steps, the object in question is cuffed and secured and just as handily released.

In terms of value for money, the chaste newcomer in the Mystim range outstrips comparable products of other manufacturers: “The Pubic Enemy No 1 is priced notably lower than products of similarly high quality that don’t offer electrostimulation”, says Christoph Hofmann, CEO of Mystim GmbH. “That makes our new cock cage interesting not only for e-stim enthusiasts and those who already respond to this kind of play, but also for clients well outside the electrosex market who are simply looking for an appealing premium chastity set. And you never know: The Pubic Enemy may just be what spikes their interest and has them acquire the taste”.

The Pubic Enemy No 1 comes in an elegant hardcover zipper case with plenty of room for discretely storing the toy and it’s many accessories: Each set includes not only the cage and conductive planes but also the matching 2 mm electrode cable to connect it to Mystim’s e-stim devices as well as a comprehensive instruction manual in seven languages. A fitting metal padlock with the Mystim crest engraved, and a set of five one-way seals make sure that there is no unscheduled breaking out of the Pubic Enemy. And for any forgetful sub, a stack of name signs that can be clipped into the cage’s mount are a handy reminder of whom exactly the cage’s contents belong to.

Mystim launches thicker urethral sound „Proper Finn“
Mystim Proper Finn

The new Proper Finn

Mömbris/Germany, March 2013. With „Proper Finn“, Mystim enlarges its product family by a second and thicker electro sex urethral sound with a diameter of 10 mm.

„Proper Finn“ is the name of the newest member of the Mystim product family well known for its high quality electro sex toys – and he promises to continue the first rate sales numbers brought in by Mystim’s first urethral sound “Thin Finn” which was introduced to the market in 2009. With its diameter of 10 mm, the new e-stim sound gains two millimeters on his already well-established cousin; his length of 20 cm, however, makes him five centimeters shorter than “Thin Finn”.

Mystim’s development of the thicker urethral sound is a direct reaction to the inquiries brought forward by numerous business partners: “Our clients are our most valuable assets. It’s self-evident for us to react when they come to us with a specific request”, says company director Christoph Hofmann. “With the enormous success Thin Finn had with both whole sale and retail as well as the consumer market, this decision came easy – especially since it’s our long term goal to provide our business partners with a sensible range of product variations in each section, so that the needs of each specific target market can be met.”

Proper Finn’s design and manufacture keep Mystim’s customary high production standards: The urethral sound is made from aluminum, one of the most hygienic and most conductive materials there are – much more so than stainless steel, for instance. Proper Finn’s exterior is focused on both appealing design and ease of use. Each urethral sound is carefully polished by hand and undergoes a thorough quality control. Proper Finn is in stock and ready to ship out – both with Mystim round plus and 4mm Banana plug. Like all Mystim product, Proper Finn comes in a tastefully designed presentation box which also contains an instruction manual in five languages.

Introductory offer: Until April 30, 2013, Mystim grants a discount of 10 % on all orders of Proper Finn.